The Registrar, Dr. Philip A. Bannor, under his leadership of the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency, HeFRA, has been recognized by the African Public Service Optimum (APSO) for an Award on December 15, 2023, at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel for Excellence in Leadership in Health Facility Regulation.

Under his leadership,

  • Thirty-six new assessment Standards were drafted and adopted for the first time.
  • The Agency developed and adopted eighteen new Accreditation standards for the first time.
  • Five hundred facilities were assessed for COVID-19 readiness and their compliance with infection prevention and control standards.
  • A digital platform referred to as the Mobile Online Information System (MOIS) has been developed and adopted to enhance the regulatory processes of registration, inspection, and licensing of health facilities. Thus, within the first three years, 5,000 health facilities have registered through the MOIS platform.
  • A MoU between HeFRA and the Pharmacy Council has been signed to improve and consolidate inter-agency collaboration to enhance efficiency in health facility regulation.

In his acceptance speech at the forum, he thanked the Board of HeFRA, the Management, the entire staff, and all stakeholders who made this achievement possible through their collaboration and support.

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