The Management and the Board of the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency, HeFRA (established under ACT 829, 2011), have received a report on alleged medical malpractices and equipment failures at the 37 Military Hospital and has constituted a fact-finding team to ascertain the authenticity of the report.

The report indicated the following:

  1. Alleged delays in carrying out emergency brain surgery/procedure leading to the death of the victim.
  2. Alleged breakdown of equipment leading to the inability to carry out brain surgery.
  3. Alleged breakdown of diagnostic equipment needed for follow-up studies to guide on-going care.
  4. Alleged professional misconduct and negligence of care.
  5. Alleged medical professional malpractices with regard to unauthorized charges and collection of fees for emergency brain surgery.
  6.  Others
HeFRA wishes to assure the general public that the incidents are under investigation. Contacts have been made at the management of the 37 Military Hospital and the Commandant at the Burma Camp. Additional investigative tools are deployed to identify and thoroughly address the issues.
If anyone has additional information or complaints may kindly forward them to or call 0302900995.
Ag. Registrar, Health Facilities Regulatory Agency.

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