Human Resource (HR) in every organization strives on three main pillars being HR Planning, HR Management and HR Development. Manpower planning is an effective tool in ensuring that, organizations recruit the right mix of competent employees to fill vacant positions to forestall manpower shortages. Agency to ensure that, proper manpower planning is conducted by following the laid down procedures in line with Article 195 (1) of the 1992 constitution of Ghana which states clearly that “the power to appoint persons to hold or act in an office in the public services shall vest in the President, acting in accordance with the advice of the governing council of the service/agency concerned, given in consultation with the Public Services Commission”

The second pillar is Human resource management, since organizations are now competitive and always seek to attract the best of manpower skills. Eddy (1981) observed that without the meanings that are provided by the Human mind, organizations are only piles of stones and metal and blobs of inks on pieces of paper. By Eddy’s analogy, HeFRA should create such an enabling environment for employees to put in their knowledge, skills and abilities to perform. There should be incentives such as financial and non-financial incentives, good working environment, and career progression of staff, effective performance appraisal system, effective welfare system, safety and well-being of employees to retain employees and also reduce attrition of employees. HeFRA as an organization should give the necessary attention to its human resource management.

The third pillar requires that each and every one should be given the opportunity to add on new knowledge through training, continuing professional development, leadership and assigning new roles for staff meet new demands of the Agency.

In view of the above, if HeFRA strictly adhere to these HR strategies and also adhere to the principle of Politics Administration dichotomy devoid of political interference in public service recruitment, Ghana Public Service will manage to get credible work force for the mother Ghana to increase productivity in competence.

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