HeFRA holds stakeholders meeting to discuss proposed fees and charges.

HeFRA holds stakeholders meeting to discuss proposed fees and charges
The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) as part of its mandate to license and monitor both public and private health facilities in the country held a stakeholders’ meeting on 30th November, 2018 to discuss proposed fees and charges for health facilities across the country as prerequisite for parliamentary approval of proposed fees and charges. There has been a general consensus to review the current fees and charges in a manner that will not burden the health provider whilst meeting recurrent costs of operations to the Agency. A one-day stakeholders’ meeting was held at the Ministry of Health Conference Room to solicit the views of stakeholders to discuss the proposed fees and charges.
The registrar thanked participants for honouring the invitation. The purpose of the meeting, he said, was to discuss the thoughts and plans of the Agency on fees and charges. He mentioned that, the current fees do not take into consideration factors such as the type and size of facility hence the need to convince parliament to adopt new charges that will be acceptable by all stakeholders. He also mentioned that, the object of reviewing the current charges is to breakeven to cover cost and not to make profit as an Agency. On the aspect of penalty, he mentioned that, sanctions could be applied to facilities that fail to renew their licence or fall foul to other requirements of their licence.

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